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Microsoft Surface 2 4G review

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The latest version of Microsoft’s Windows tablet comes with LTE capability but nothing else we haven’t seen before. Is it worth an extra £100? Chassis and screen Size-wise its dimensions are exactly the same as the Wi-Fi-only version, but it’s added another 10g or so to the weight — so nothing to worry about really. […]

Microsoft welcomed Nokia employees with a history book

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The 128-page book was a gift highlighting the milestones of each company. Read More

New Apple tech helps prevent misdirected messages and emails

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An Apple invention published on Thursday illustrates a simple yet effective way to determine who is on the other end of a text message or group chat, a problem that has become the bane of many users who carry on multiple conversations at once. Read More

Nokia Lumia 930 announced: hands-on preview

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Thanks to gradual coming together of Microsoft and Nokia, the two companies staged a joint launch last night at Microsoft’s Build developer’s conference in San Francisco. Along with the update to Windows Phone 8.1, Nokia unveiled three of the new phones it will be running on, including its new the flagship — the Lumia 930. […]

Micron DDR4 RAM rumored to improve battery life, speed in Apple’s future iPhones, iPads & Macs

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A mysterious $250 million payment to memory maker Micron has fueled speculation that the company’s new LPDDR4 DRAM could be making its way to future Apple products, potentially as soon as its next generation of iPhone, iPad and Mac models. Read More

Apple’s iPhone 5s remains best selling smartphone in US as handset market softens, shifts

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Consumers continued to choose Apple’s flagship iPhone 5s more than any other smartphone in March thanks in part to strong brand loyalty, and one analyst believes that Apple’s sales could increase even further as buyers begin to upgrade their handsets more frequently. Read More

Vodafone large scale bricks investment hints at big Apple shift.

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Firstly we had bricks, then we had bricks and clicks, but more recently clicks have been kicking the bricks.   That may or may not have made sense but essentially people have been spending less in the high street (bricks) and more online (clicks).   A detail much reflected in the number of retail closures […]

Apple seeking damages of $2B in new trial, Samsung says claims are ‘gross exaggeration’

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The second California Apple v. Samsung patent trial kicked off on Tuesday, with both parties offering opening statements to the jury, two of whom were excused just one day after being selected. Read More

Apple: Samsung purposely copied iPhone so should pay $2B

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The Cupertino, Calif., giant says during its opening arguments in a patent infringement trial that Samsung reacted to the launch of the revolutionary iPhone by ripping off Apple inventions. Read More

Apple’s premium-priced Macs ‘defy the laws of economics’

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Mac sales have continued to grow in the face of a recession and declining overall PC market, but Apple’s iPhone could not escape shifting trends in the smartphone space, analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham said on Tuesday. Read More

Who Is the Average Gmail User?

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              Gmail, the popular email service hosted by Google, turns 10 years old on Tuesday. By 2012, it reached 425 million active global users, making it today’s most in-demand email service. And it’s only climbing upward, now estimated to have more than 500 million active accounts. Google will occasionally […]

Roku CEO speculates Apple loses money on $99 Apple TV, analyst says it’s break-even

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Though he offered no evidence to prove it, the CEO of Roku said this week that he believes rival set-top streamer Apple TV is a money losing product, though one analyst believes the device is more likely a break-even business for APple. Read More

Why Google has the best shot at a useful smartwatch

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Last week, Google unveiled its vision of the smartwatch, the elusive Next Big Gadget. It takes the form of Android Wear, a new version of the mobile operating system designed specifically for on-the-body devices. It’s a good deal more sophisticated than the smartwatches we’ve seen hitherto, relying on the company’s unparalleled voice recognition for registering […]

Amazon to reportedly launch free streaming video service

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A report on Thursday claims Amazon is planning an entry into the free streaming video sector with a new service that would go along with a rumored set-top streaming device Read More

Apple confirmed to take 30% cut of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions purchased in Office for iPad apps

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It was confirmed on Thursday that Apple will garner its stipulated 30 percent share of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions purchased from the new Office for iPad app, which launched at a special event earlier today. Read More

Adoption of OS X 10.9 Mavericks significantly outpaces 10.8 Mountain Lion

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The rate at which Mac owners are upgrading to Apple’s OS X 10.9 Mavericks has far outperformed the operating system’s predecessor — OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion — with one report saying the latest OS is now running on over 40 percent of active Macs. Read More

Microsoft rumored to debut Enterprise Mobility Suite, Office for iPad on Thursday

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Many expect Microsoft to launch Office for iPad on Thursday, but fresh rumors say the company may also make a play for mass device management with a cross-platform Enterprise Mobility Suite, a competitor to Apple’s recently released Deployment Programs initiative. Read More

Apple tips hand on sapphire displays with patent for oleophobic coatings

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While Apple remains coy about plans to incorporate sapphire into its product lineup, a new patent application published on Thursday suggests the company is at the least experimenting with the hard material for use in touch-capable displays. Read More

Apple exploring new iPad Smart Case with integrated multitouch keyboard

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  iPad owners might soon have a new, more compact option when choosing a keyboard to pair with their tablet as Apple is contemplating a redesigned iPad Smart Case with an integrated, multitouch keyboard. Read More

Apple’s ‘transparent texting’ tech lets iPhone users safely message while moving

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Apple is looking into technology that offers users an easier, safer, way to text and walk by making an iPhone’s screen “transparent” during messaging operations through the clever use of live video. Read More

Here’s what to expect from Oculus in the Facebook era

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If you asked me yesterday to start listing companies that might purchase virtual reality wunderkind Oculus, Valve would have probably topped the list; the companies have previously talked up their close relationship, after all. Microsoft would have been a strong contender too, likely to throw around its cash to give its consoles and mobile products […]

Google Glass partners with maker of Ray-Ban, Oakley for more stylish headwear

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While the developer preview of Glass has established the heads-up display as advanced technology, it’s also earned Google’s headwear a reputation for being unfashionable –?something the company hopes to address with a new partnership with the Luxottica Group. Read More

Microsoft Shares MS-DOS Source Code for First Time Ever

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                Early tech fans might remember the good ‘ol days of Microsoft MS-DOS, the company’s first operating system from the 1980s. Now, with the help of the Computer History Museum, Microsoft is making the source code for DOS available to the public for the first time ever. Get […]

Apple iPad Site Sheds Light on Sports Concussions

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                While tablet rivals continue to wage media warfare against the iPad by pointing out its alleged deficiencies, Apple is highlighting how its tablet can be used for more than just content consumption In a new page on Apple’s website, the Cupertino, Calif. company is advertising C3 Logix, […]

Minecraft Creator Dumps Oculus: ‘Facebook Creeps Me Out’

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              When Facebook announced it was buying Oculus VR, not everyone was happy — least of all, one of its key developersMinecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson said he would no longer be bringing his hit game to the virtual-reality platform. We were in talks about maybe bringing a version […]